NeilHi, my name is Neil and welcome to my website – toptipsforholidays.com.

I grew up in the the United Kingdom and still live there today. Throughout my life I have travelled extensively in Europe, Asia, Australasia and US on holidays, mini breaks, business travel and longer travelling trips.

My wife and I have lots of experience in finding nice, quality places to stay, but that also offer good value for money. I decided to set up this website to help people by providing top tips for holidays and travel.

The web site will include pages on general tips for travel, cheap holidays, pages on finding bargain flights, hotels and apartments, travel insurance and holiday car rental, plus tips on travel safety, what to pack and suggestions on good places to travel for each month of the year.

In recent years we have travelled to many places and stayed in a variety of accommodation including hotels, villas and apartments on a full board, half board, all inclusive or a self catering basis. As an example of finding a great place which worked out to be very good value, recently the two of us went on a two week trip to Side in Turkey. We booked the flights and the accommodation independently through www.travelrepublic.co.uk. The hotel was the Can Garden Hotel in Side and the package was all inclusive of food and drinks, free 3 course meal in their choice of three A La Carte restaurants once a week and free sunbeds on the beach. It was a fantastic, peaceful place to stay with a high standard of accommodation and I found out while we were there that around 50% of bookings at this particular hotel are rebookings. This is testament to the hotel’s appeal.  Side itself is an old Roman town with many old Roman ruins in the vicinity that you can freely wander around and well worth a visit if you are considering a trip to Turkey.

If you find anything on my web site that captures your interest, suggestions you would like to make or comparative travel stories you would like to share, simply leave your comments below. Please make sure you visit this site regularly as I am always updating it with the “ideas” and “information” that I come across that I know you will find interesting.

I wish you all the best with finding that bargain holiday, hope you find the tips useful and thank you for visiting my site.


Founder of TopTipsForHolidays.com

Contact – info@toptipsforholidays.com



  1. This is a great niche to write about – you’ll never run out of material!

    Your site looks tidy and well organised. Useful travel tips too.

    • Hi SC,
      Thanks for your comment and I’m glad you like my site and find the tips useful. You are right about the travel niche having lots to write about. Unfortunately one lifetime is not enough to travel everywhere you want to see so you have to choose carefully.

  2. Hi Neil,

    I have enjoyed reading the information you have provided on your website. This is an asset for those needing information on various areas and accommodations. Thank you for sharing your expertise with your readers.


  3. Hi Neil
    I found your website very interesting reading, I do not personally suffer with travel sickness, but there are plenty of people who do and will find your tips very helpful, a few more pictures would be an idea I would consider, and I look forward to referring to your site, when I hear of people suffering as it’s best to overcome or you would miss those great places to visit in the world. Any help on swelling of the legs and what to do to prevent it could be a new page for you to add at a later date. My husband had a horrid trip back from Barbados for our honeymoon and it has put him off flying at the moment.
    Regards Ali

    • Hi Alison, thanks for your comments, I’ll be sure to add some more images on the motion sickness post. I’ll also be recommending products that can be bought for some of the tips that I have given in due course. Regarding swollen legs due to flying, I am not a medical person but I would recommend your husband talks to his doctor if that happens again. Read the section called ‘Wear anti embolism stockings to prevent DVT’ on the Tips for travel by Air page. It is also worth getting out of your seat and walk around regularly on long haul flights to get the circulation moving in your legs. Hope that helps?
      Thanks, Neil

    • Thank you so much for another usfuel input. I sent the list to my parents, who are coming over here to help me taking care the coming baby. This will help them so muck to catch up with the baby items in the modern days. Keep writing!

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