Best meet and greet parking at Gatwick – Review

Best meet and greet parking at GatwickDuring the summer (2015) I had a holiday break with my wife in La Rochelle, on the west coast of France. We flew out of Gatwick airport and to get to the airport I would normally drive and park the car in the on-airport long term car park. This time I thought I would try one of the meet and greet services and it turned out extremely well. If you are looking for the best meet and greet parking at Gatwick, read on to find out about LG Parking, the company I used who couldn’t have been better….

What made me go for a meet and greet parking service? Two reasons really, firstly the quote I got on-line from Gatwick on-airport long term car park just seemed a bit expensive this time. Secondly I find the self park and shuttle a bit of a faff – find a parking space among hundreds of cars, unload luggage, drag luggage to the bus stop, wait for the bus, drag the suitcases on the bus, drag the suitcases off the bus. You get the idea, it feels a bit like I’ve done a mission before I even get to the check in desk.

I used the Airport Parking Shop website to do a price comparison for all the parking services they offer at Gatwick. They partner with the UK’s 8 biggest parking brokers so there is lots of choice. They compare prices available from 428 car parks at 32 UK airports and ferry ports. The results of a search for parking at Gatwick return parking providers on and off the airport that offer self park and shuttle service, meet and greet and valet parking. The booking process is simple and easy.

Read our review of the Airport Parking Shop and other airport parking comparison providers, both in the UK and the US, in our Best Price for Airport Parking post or for more tips on travelling by air see our Air travel how to guide.

So what made me choose LG Parking among all the various meet and greet parking providers? The price for two weeks parking was cheaper than Gatwick on-airport long term car park but they weren’t the cheapest meet and greet service. It was the star rating and the comments from other previous customers of LG about the quality of their service which decided it for me.

  • LG Parking are rated 4.9 out of 5 on the Airport Parking Shop website.
  • Also rated 4.9 out of 5 on the Park and Go website (Park and Go are one of the parking brokers that partner with Airport Parking Shop).

This high rating is rightly deserved as the meet and greet process of handing over our car and collecting it on our return couldn’t have been easier.

Best meet and greet parking at Gatwick AirportThe process went like this – I was sent a parking voucher via email which gave instructions to call LG Parking 20 minutes before arriving at the airport. My wife made the call as I was driving and they told us exactly where to meet them in the airport terminal short term car park. Sure enough one of their drivers was there waiting when we got there. The handover was straight forward. We were given a receipt, unloaded the luggage and handed the driver the keys and our car park entry ticket, which he needed to use to get free exit (must be within 10 minutes of our arrival) from the car park.

The return process was just a simple. We were told to collect our luggage from baggage reclaim, then call LG to arrange to collect our car. We did this and then made our way back to the meeting place in the terminal short term car park. We waited just a few minutes for the driver to arrive with our car. He gave us our exit ticket, which again must be used within 10 minutes of the driver’s entry through the car park barrier, loaded the luggage into the car and we were on our way.

I came away feeling really impressed by LG parking for conducting such a good meet and greet parking service. The experience was exactly what others had said in their comments I had read prior to booking.

If you are looking for the best meet and greet parking at Gatwick and want a straight forward, easy service that is reasonably priced, try LG Parking and book via the Airport Parking Shop website or get a quote from them in the form below.


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  1. Hi Neil,

    I think that you touched on a very important aspect of traveling that many people fail to consider as a priority, and many don’t consider at all. Where in the world should they park there car? And the costs of this can really add up. I know from experience.

    Thank you for sharing your information on using a price compare parking website in order to compare brokers. LG seems to be a very reputable source to do business with.

    Looking forward to reading more from you soon!

  2. Excellent information for the best meet and greet parking as I was not aware of the service. I guess this shows how little I have been travelling.

    The good thing is now that I do know it can help me out in the future to check for the service on what’s available and by whom.

    Like you, I’d rather pay a little extra and go for the customer ratings than take a chance or go through the hassle without the service.

    • Hi Travis,

      I’m due another trip soon so will be using LG Parking again as they gave such good service last time I used them.

      Thanks for your comment


  3. Oh here’s another review that makes traveller’s life much easier and nicer 🙂

    Hi Neil, thank you for sharing this.

    Will definitely share this post as I’ve got so many friends who love to travel the world, this is very informative.

    Will be looking forward for more reviews of places that you have been to! 🙂



    • Hi Ice, thanks for your comment. I’m glad you found the information useful and any shares are much appreciated. 🙂



  4. Do you feel like this would have been helpful/appropriate for families with small children or elderly people? I’m so glad that it was great for you and your wife but would this be helpful for families too or only for couples? Was it more of a movie star experience or more of a calming relaxing experience?

    • Meet and greet parking services would definitely be helpful to families with small children or elderly because the pick and drop off location for your car is in the short term car park right next to the terminal. This means that small children or elderly people don’t have as far to walk and it makes life easier for them. Also I would say it was a calming relaxing experience as the whole procedure went smoothly with no stress at all.



  5. What a great idea!

    Last time I was at Gatwick was 1994 so i am a bit behind on the times, Lol.

    This service sounds like the ticket for me if I make it back there and the wife really wants to take a trip soon.

    Thanks for the review!

    Are these cars parked on or off the airport property?

    Just curious if they have controlled lots that are secure.


    • Hi Shawn,

      Thanks for your comment. Each car parking provider is different with some having their car parking facilities located nearer the airport than others. In the case of LG Parking featured in the review their car park is near the airport and your car is stored in a secure compound with fencing around the perimeter, entry barriers and CCTV.



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